The grandson of the first King after the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, His Majesty King Abdulaziz Bin Abdurrahman Al Saud. A senior member of the Saudi Royal Family, and a prominent figure. His Royal Highness (HRH) Prince Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Bin Saud Al-Saud is also a highly experienced businessman and serves as the Chairman across a broad portfolio of companies.



Accelerated globalization, deregulation and consolidation are all factors  calling for our attention to meet the worlds’ needs and challenges. Utilizing innovative and integrated methods that can lead to win a significant portion of shares in the global markets and enables direct  contact with prominent multinational identities.


TGH does shed a powerful light into a selective path of projects and investment opportunities,to contribute to the world’s economies  growth and communities prosperity around the world. Our vision is to stay a leading multi-faceted organization which efficiently participate in the growth of the worlds’ economy and to contribute the best welfare practices that lead to sustainability to the nations around the world.