Tanal Global Holdings -                                 Your Gateway to Saudi Arabia

Tanal Global Holdings has evolved significantly from “TOFAAD” a general trading company of its origins over 40 years ago. Today it became a multi-national organization that covers major industries operates in five continents. It takes from Jeddah the economical capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia its head office and the centre for its operation worldwide.


While we cover the worlds’ major industries, engineering takes greater market share of our operations as it diversifies from consultancy, civil, architecture to construction of medium and large scale projects in urban development, electromechanical, power generation & renewable energy (hydro, wind, solar, biomass), desalinization, sewage treatment and environmental remediation.TGH also invests in health care, real-estate, entertainment and hospitality beside new-tech, aviation and energy projects around the world. 



Our vision is to become a leading multi-faceted organization which efficiently participate in the growth of the worlds’ economy and to contribute the best welfare practices that lead to sustainability to the nations around the world.


We endeavour to create landmarks in different facets of `industry and to be recognised as a leading investors and providers of high-grade services in the global arena. This includes adopting an ear-to-the-ground approach towards global solutions with precision and financial prudence.



Our mission is to establish a strong and modern core of industries with highly trusted brands of products and services and to continue developing them towards to greater values and benefits to environments and nations around the world.


We aim to build and develop strategic partnerships, in parallel, we recruit only professionals and experts beside investing in human resources by developing skills of our teams to deliver the best performance & high results to the business.